Charles Davies – schreef:

Singing with Rina is like not having to learn to sing.
It’s like asking “Where is my voice?” and having someone say: “It’s here.”
Like when you’re looking around for a pen and then you see that it was there in your hand all along. “Oh, silly me. Of course. Here it is.”

After a few minutes, a voice that moves with the room, that floods the space, that sings back and resonates.
After a few hours, new ways of playing with the high notes, new ways of hearing the song, new ways of breathing, new ways of launching the sound.
After a few days, singing along with Pavarotti feels comfortable, letting loose with Arcade Fire feels natural and crooning with Sinatra – feels like I was born to do it.

And in the weeks that follow, I sing. And I love it. And I want to do more. And I start singing with my friends. I say it’s wild singing.
I teach them what I learned.

And now I hear that they have started singing with their friends. And their families.
And that they’re teaching them what they learned from me that I learned from Rina.